Fahad Albutairi

Fahad Albutairi is the first Saudi stand-up comedian to appear on stage professionally and is an actor and a recent YouTube personality. Since his first public performance in October 2, 2008, in Manama, Bahrain, he has shared the stage with many well-known stand-up comedians such as Gabriel Iglesias and Eddie Griffin. Albutairi is also one of the founders of Saudi's "New Media" movement using YouTube as his main distribution platform. Along with a whole team of talents including director Ali Kalthami, director/photographer Alaa Yoosef, and fellow stand-up comedian/writer/actor Ibraheem Alkhairallah, they started the YouTube shows "La Yekthar," "Khambalah," "Temsa7LY" and others, and founded Telfaz11, a platform for distributing online entertainment content. In March 2013, both The Washington Post and The National named Fahad Albutairi the "Seinfeld of Saudi Arabia."
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